Sunday, February 20, 2011

Complaining and Ranting (yes there is a difference)

Everybody should just stop complaining. oh yes i know its dreadfully hard but in truth we should all just shut up! (please and thank you) see everyday day i get people saying "life is hard" and all i want to say if "compared to what? we all complain! who was the first person ever to complain? like seriously? who started this trend? i guess he's not a live anymore. i bet it was a dinosaur "he was like OM8G im so fudging hungry! why arent there any eggs to eat or something?" like woah! calm your stereoids! DONT DO DRUGS!

anyway, i think we can all agree that we complain and then later we realize we sounded really dumb. when you get in a fight with your friend and you go to other people and complain after you feel really bad dont you? like they dont care! their just gonna think your a itchy B! I want to get one thing straight i am not complauining i am ranting! there is a difference!

Ranting: Ranting is taking something that annoys you and going on and on about how you feel about it.
Complaining: whinning about something that annoys you and trying to change it!

see im not tryng to change the world im just trying to take over it (big different)

Okay thats all for this blog post
Remember! don't make soap fight a midevil dragon! it will lose!

-Tiny Canadian
Feel free to print this off :)


  1. Great rant Tiny. A wise person once said to me after I was complaining about the weather: 'who are you going to tell and what are they going to do about it?' So true, we all complain too much. Life is good, no, life is great! Love the new shelfari.

  2. I love your bio on the side. Brilliant!


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