Friday, January 29, 2010

LOL cats

Let us reflect on what cat face said in episode 13: "What is this LOL cats? cats are not to be LOLed at!" i must say cat face, though you are a comic genius, i strongly disagree...

Cats were made to be LOLed at! why if we didn't LOL at cats where would we be in society? would all the efforts from i can has cheez burger go to waste? see i recently uploaded a photo. my cat was stuck in the sink :D! she was trying to get a cheese burger, cause hers fell down the drain. that's what happens when you eat in the bathroom. but back to the matter at hand

LOLing at cats it what makes the world go round. without it, it would just stop. then on one side of the world there would be no sun! wiping out half the human race
! then we would all be forced to eat our underwear and plants would take over the world!!!!!!!

do you want plants to take over the world?

Do you?!

I didn't think so... :|

Saturday, January 23, 2010


What is tofu? i find myself wondering this as i was looking through a cook book today. is it some kind of white pasty jello type stuff that has come to destroy us all?! or is it possibly just a poor, poor emotionally disturbed jello that wasn't like the other because for one, it was as white as a ghost and well... it didn't have taste. it watched sadly as the other jellos were eaten happily by fat kids and people who enjoy eating jello. Does tofu jiggles? see I've never actually had it before so I'm not sure, but i mean come on! if you looked at a picture of tofu don't you think it would look like it would jiggle a bit if you touched it?

not sure. I'm also certain that tofu and jello do not show emotion. i mean they just sit there and let you eat them! i was eating jello today and it almost spoke to me, it was like: "oh please don't eat me" but turns out if was my friend talking to a cookie with a smiley face on it sitting next to me. weird. oh well i guess i will never know

~Tiny Canadian

A short welcome

yup... this is my blog. i wonder if I'm actually talking to anyone? well i guess if i am i could just you know... talk to myself, but that's creepy... right? anyone if someone happens to stumble upon my blog well here it is. hope you enjoy

~Tiny Canadian

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