Friday, November 26, 2010

What defines a fail? You hear it all the time. It's like: Lol that was fail dude!" it's all around us!


Is a fail something stupid you do? Is it flunking? I guess that's what it generally was. Okay you get bellow 50% average in a class you fail. So when two people are having a conversation...

"Okay so what did you do this weekend?"
" I Danced around the room to burlesque with a boa and a random skirt"
"Wow fail..."

Okay so does this mean I got 50% percent in my dancing with a boa burlesquing? How does that work?! I don't get it

So world, your personal shipment of fail has been delivered

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The nobody cares button

Okay so I really need to think about this one it's a toughie. By the way that's sounds so much like something a granny would say. My granny in particular.

Okay so I'm sitting there yesterday, on facebook, chatting, profile stalking and I notice the like button. Nothing new. We see it everyday. No biggie. Well it is a biggie. I find it super annoying when people put up super duper dumb stuff, pointless garbage. So you know what I think
Facebook needs?

A nobody freaking cares button.

I mean don't you find it annoying when one of your friends puts up something that gets under your skin and you wish you could just say "no body cares!" I mean come on? If they let people have honesty box they may aswell have that button.

Now who invented this "like" button? Okay so what I liked her status who gives a crap? I'm just thinking why? Could it be gathering information for the emus? Or maybe it's a trap!! Well what kind of trap would use information like that to trap you? Worlds boldest trapper? Worlds boldest telemarketing trapper! Aha!

In conclusion...

No body cares


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