Thursday, April 1, 2010

Loaf of Bread

Isn't ridiculous how we call bread a loaf? i mean come on? loaf, it sounds like some kind of Bum! why don't we call it... a square of bread! wouldn't that make more sense? it's a square! loaf, a loaf isn't a shape in fact it means (googling it) oh wait... it means oblonged mass of food. that makes so much sense. anyway

why is bread square?! why isn't it round or triangular?! who came up with the idea that it have to be square? well if i were that guys i would make bread into a hexagon! wouldn't you want to eat a piece of bread with 8 sides? don't lie...


that's what i thought :|

Can bread grow fungus!?! why is it white? why isn't my bread purple! I WANT PURPLE BREAD!!!!!

(Canadian was going to buy some soap)

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