Monday, May 24, 2010

Animals who steal clothes

So sorry i haven't been writing! i was just think about something to write! so here it is

Animals who steal clothes
To those animal lovers out there you all know that your dogs and cats will get into your clothing. they will rip then and chew then and sometimes, pee on them. not fun. isn't it anoying? so first you realize it's gone and it just has to happen right before some party or a meeting or some important event, whatever. so you look every where and someone where in the back of your head you realize you animal isn't any where either! another huge problem right? wrong. so you look around and you find your dog in the basement chewing on something in the corner and you get closer and you see your clothing item! Happy ending right? Wrong. you end up having to wrestle your pet to get the item then when you get it it's covered in slobber!! fabulous. then you need to wash it and it's just...just...not cool. listen to this...
regular Saturday night, I'm at Alanna's house chillin' with her and rowan. so we hand out we go to sleep we wake up, so were on the computer playing sims having a ball, and all of a sudden rowan says; "Toffee has someone's bar!" (toffee is alanna's dog) and i automatical groan and get up. so i walk around and i finally catch him! and i start pulling on the one end of my bra, and he has it wenched in his mouth!!! after five minutes and 3 people trying to pull toffee OFF of my bra. i got it back and it was covered in ick.

Wasn't that a fun story? now the next time your dog steals your clothes just remember...
It's covered in spit

it will be hard to pry out

listen to your tongue to find the answers

Eat some chicken ricardo
And pungulate some juice

Pungulate: to inhale or slurp with excessive force. :D
and always remember someone else has it worse than you even when it seems like your day just sucks.

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