Saturday, June 12, 2010

THE Ipad

Usually i rant about something i like or don't like. so im gonna rant about something i like for a fresh change. The ipad.

I was driving back from my singing lesson as a usually do. and was passing the apple store so i told my mom "lets go see the ipad" (OMG) so i get out go in and there is was. it was perfect, like in those movies where something awesome happens, and the light hits it perfectly and the angels above sing and it's totally ROCKED!!! i mean this thing is freaking awesome! it is just great, super fast internet, awesome apps! and then i thought back.

im looking at all these people sayin' "Ipad is stupid, ipad is big, ipad is useless." well i say: "you stupid, big and useless" (i didn't actually say that but still i wish i had.) stop dissing the ipad! the ipad is the future, and the people who were saying those bad things will be like: "whoa... we were wrong lets go buy an ipad yay!" (maybe)

anyway, amazing device everything works great! and check out the online apple store for the awesome features

And remember!

Never forget!


What was it again? i forgot. oh well, happy saturday!

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