Thursday, July 29, 2010

The coast

Sorry I haunt been blogging for the past phew weeks. It's only because. I was on VACATION! So I went to Sidney BC to visit some family that live there. Here is what happened

12hour drive
Internet on the ferry
No crab for dinner
Elk lake
Beaver lake
Homemade sushi
More sushi
Thetis lake
The beach
Pendure island
Neighbour carol
Carols sister
Caroles sisters house
Her sons
More seals
No seals
More sleep
More crabbing
Crab for dinner!
Sleep talking
Horseback ridding!
Cleaning horse poopy
Hugs for cousin
Bead bouncing
Brother annoying
Camp preparing
More hugs
Dogs in the car
On the ferry

Now if anyone actually can figure out what that was I will be astounded

Remember, always smile :D

Location:Sidney BC

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The calgarian summer

Ah the Canadian summer. How I salute you and your rainy clouds and on occasion snow!

Now after that poetic verse I'll talk about what i really wanna talk about. We have all heard that cliche that canadians live in an igloo and it snows, all the time. Part of that cliché is correct. On occasion it will snow and rain heavily in the spring and summer! Which is was happening right now. Why can't we just have normal weather? I mean do think Canada just decided to be in the northern hemisphere? I well maybe it did. Besides that fact that it is a country and cannot move.

Would you enjoy having hail the size of golf balls falling from the sky. Let me tell you a story...

See it was yesterday, yesterday being the operative word if you read this is could very well be Friday or whatever, anyway, it was a monday (oh joy) and I was volunteering at the pleasant hights after school program as usual. And they were gonna go to the pool. But it was starting to get rainy. We went anyway. So we got to the pool got on the deck and I said " no way I'm getting in that water." after much convincing my friend got me to come and it was freezing the next thing I know, the life guard I'd yelling get out of the pool, thunderstorm! Do I get out rush back to the center wet while the wind and black clouds swirled and I froze my tiny canadian butt off!

And that, was my Canadian summer.

This is a picture from when the river overflowed in the park. See this is why rain is scary! Come on people!

Location:Where do ya think?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The first accomplishment of summer

This is so exciting! My first blog post from my brand new iPad! So usually I would rant about how awesome it is, but wont stray from my original post!

The first accomplishment of summer. Everyone has one, mine just happened to be a sand castle. So I'll set the scene for you...

It was a warm summer evening and I was at my house so, my friend Maddy came to pick me up to go too her house for a sleepover, pretty fun, so we got to her house and we were playing in her old treehouse and I was like, we should make a sand castle! And so we started to make one and it was pretty awesome! We had flags a bridge, windows and a tower! Unfortunatley before we could take the picture of our monumental sand castle, we need to take a shower considering we were covered in sand and we were drenched from her two giant dogs, Jake and Charlie, shaking from being her pool. So we got out and we came back and our sand castle was nothing more then a memory, her dogs trampled it! Yup. That's right.

See why can't dogs just realize what is important to us? That would be so much easier dogs knew what to touch, bet and rip. Have you ever had one of those days, I'm pretty sure we all have. Oh well! But this ipad is awesome

So tell me about your first accomplishment of summer! Really in intrigued.

Have a muffin tactic summer!

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