Thursday, March 25, 2010


So i was thinking the other day... who is this justin bieber? okay first of all how did he just drop out of no where and become so freaking popular!! and how did he get famouse with that voice. like don't even get me started.

Okay so this "Justin bieber" i don't like him. he makes me go blah. okay first of all when this kid sings it sounds like a twelve year old girl (apparently its really hot to sound like your 12) and when this kid hits puberty his voice is gonna change on the fly and it's gonna be hilariouse. i mean do we really want this cookie cutter pop-star kid polluting our world with his "baby! baby! baby!" (one of his grossly idiotic songs) you know who had good music? the beatles! tim mc-graw, lady antebellum! these people have real taste in music! there not in it for the money, they don't lame songs, their in it for the music!!

isn't that what music is about people?! the music. not the idiotic fans of the numb-skull songs. if you believe what your singing people will listen

so go eat a cow pie "Justin Bieber" :)

(canadian had to go to the bathroom)

Friday, March 19, 2010

My thumb is missing!!

okay i don't have a rant today because i have a very, very important issue to deal with!

my thumb is missing!
have you seen my thumb?

it was there a second ago! like i am not even kidding, so i was sitting there, and then i saw my little brother, but then he called me a loser so i went to go and punch him and then my thumb was gone!

im seriouse... wait. oh, hey! found it! it was there the whole time! :D cause you know you can't type without a thumb! ya silly person! i can't believe you actually though my thumb was missing!

don't be crazy!

okay well me and my thumb are gonna go eat some ice cream!

~Tiny Canadian

Friday, March 12, 2010

Did you know...

did you know that the world doesn't revolve around cheese?

i know...

i was shocked when i heard too.

but though we all must face it, the world does not revolve around cheese, apparently thanks to some person 500 years ago it now revolves around the sun!!!!! what nut job decided that?! i mean seriously? the sun? wow...

any way did you actually know that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks excatly like me? ya just like me. but you don't know what i look like. so any way. and there is one that looks like you to!

and you

and you

and even...

YOU!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Why can't we all be dogs?

Why can't we all be dogs? (no offense) but it has come to my understanding that dogs like to enjoy the little things in life and they don't ponder on the larger, less important thing like : did i finish my homework? do i have a test tomorrow? why is there a marsh-mellow stuck to my nose? why is my hamster speaking to me! ... sorry I'm getting off topic....

Haven't we all had one of "those day" before? i mean come your gonna look me in the eye and tell me you've never had a crap day and then when you come home and hang out with your dog (or feline) and they made you feel better cause they look so darn peaceful?

you know what don't answer that...

anyway, here is a silly pic of my kitty cat in the sink! oh... and when i had to give her a bath... that was not fun.

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