Friday, February 19, 2010

You know what makes me tick?

you know what really bugs that crap out of me!? when people are chatting online with me and im like "what are ya doin'? and their like "nothing im sooo bored!" why is everyone so bored these days?! i mean we've got computers, games T.V how could you be bored with all this crap around us!?
you know what the problem is... is were all trying to hard to be "cool" well you know what? to hell with "cool"! i wanna be lame... well not lame, just... I'm not sure. anyway I'm bored talking about this...

Why can't pigs fly?

Who invented marsh-mellows?

Why is my yellow talking to me?

these are the questions that haunt me. so how in anyway could we be bored with all these mind numbing questions? i certainly am not.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

gold fish don't bounce

it seems like I'm always disagreeing with things. who doesn't from time to time. so here is something i do agree with....

Goldfish don't bounce.

They should not be bounced in the first place anyway! why in the world would you just suddenly have this idea : "Hm. i feel like bouncing a gold fish!" our world has a lot of issues, and they really should sort them out. anyway...

technically i don't know if gold fish bounce or not, cause I'm not stupid enough to try it! well i guess if you had like a seriously fat gold fish with scaled made of trampolines them it may bounce but honestly i don't know where you would get that kind of fish.... do you? i guess you could glue the trampoline parts on yourself. (ew)

you know, one of my friends had gold fish and i used to go over to her house and we would pick them out of the tank. yes sir, good slimy fish. bug eyed, cold blooded, fanged water demons of doom!!!!!!

good luck sleeping at night now :D

~Tiny Canadian

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