Sunday, February 20, 2011

Complaining and Ranting (yes there is a difference)

Everybody should just stop complaining. oh yes i know its dreadfully hard but in truth we should all just shut up! (please and thank you) see everyday day i get people saying "life is hard" and all i want to say if "compared to what? we all complain! who was the first person ever to complain? like seriously? who started this trend? i guess he's not a live anymore. i bet it was a dinosaur "he was like OM8G im so fudging hungry! why arent there any eggs to eat or something?" like woah! calm your stereoids! DONT DO DRUGS!

anyway, i think we can all agree that we complain and then later we realize we sounded really dumb. when you get in a fight with your friend and you go to other people and complain after you feel really bad dont you? like they dont care! their just gonna think your a itchy B! I want to get one thing straight i am not complauining i am ranting! there is a difference!

Ranting: Ranting is taking something that annoys you and going on and on about how you feel about it.
Complaining: whinning about something that annoys you and trying to change it!

see im not tryng to change the world im just trying to take over it (big different)

Okay thats all for this blog post
Remember! don't make soap fight a midevil dragon! it will lose!

-Tiny Canadian
Feel free to print this off :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

What defines a fail? You hear it all the time. It's like: Lol that was fail dude!" it's all around us!


Is a fail something stupid you do? Is it flunking? I guess that's what it generally was. Okay you get bellow 50% average in a class you fail. So when two people are having a conversation...

"Okay so what did you do this weekend?"
" I Danced around the room to burlesque with a boa and a random skirt"
"Wow fail..."

Okay so does this mean I got 50% percent in my dancing with a boa burlesquing? How does that work?! I don't get it

So world, your personal shipment of fail has been delivered

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The nobody cares button

Okay so I really need to think about this one it's a toughie. By the way that's sounds so much like something a granny would say. My granny in particular.

Okay so I'm sitting there yesterday, on facebook, chatting, profile stalking and I notice the like button. Nothing new. We see it everyday. No biggie. Well it is a biggie. I find it super annoying when people put up super duper dumb stuff, pointless garbage. So you know what I think
Facebook needs?

A nobody freaking cares button.

I mean don't you find it annoying when one of your friends puts up something that gets under your skin and you wish you could just say "no body cares!" I mean come on? If they let people have honesty box they may aswell have that button.

Now who invented this "like" button? Okay so what I liked her status who gives a crap? I'm just thinking why? Could it be gathering information for the emus? Or maybe it's a trap!! Well what kind of trap would use information like that to trap you? Worlds boldest trapper? Worlds boldest telemarketing trapper! Aha!

In conclusion...

No body cares


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been preparing for this post for some time now. It could be the greatest post I ever done. EVER! And now presenting...


Think about it. Advertisement is everywhere. It's on the TV, it's on the radio it's even in your computer! They are supposed to make you want to buy whatever the crap their selling. But why are they so freaking annoying?

Personally i think advertising is ridiculous. TV commercials look so stupid they make no sense. I am constantly saying, oh my god what the ****? Comercials are virtually loved and hated around the world!

My favorite commercials are the old spice one, the one for bell and anything with animals. My least favorites consist of McDonald and other fast food chains. They make the food look so perfect but do you know what it is actually made of? Well I'll tell you...

Ever seen a dairy queen commercial where there is a big tall blizzard and it looks so perfect and you can just see how cold it is and sometimes it's dripping and it look delicious? WRONG! That beautiful ice cream is actually scoops of mash potatoes or lard covered in diesel to give it that shiny appearance. Nasty right?

A big heaping bull of steaming hot pasta topped with rich red sauces, is actually dry pasta sitting a top of mashed potatoes. The sauce is cold and the steams is done in editing

A big juicy thick cut hamburger with a big ol' sesame seed bun with crisp lettuce and tomatoes, is actually a raw hamburger that they have blow torched to give it that "grilled" look and then bushes with diesel. The tomato is plastique, as is the lettuce. The bum is made of gum paste. The rest is all lighting and editing.

A nice big bowl a corn flakes, the milk pours in slowly and boom! The flakes explode. To make the milk pour they take would glue and mix it with white coloring agent. The flakes are actually potato chips that have been painted and coated with fake sugar.

Who's delicious now?

Location:On a freaking plane

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peace Bridge?

So this so called peace bridge. Is it truly that peaceful? I think not!!!!!

So Dave Bronconnier decides one day "oh I'm gonna spend 25 million dollars on a butt ugly bridge!" great! That makes total sense. Okay okay. So why could he have not spent it on something more, I don't know... Practical! On schools? The homeless? That guy named bob?

I feel that Calgary has enough bridges. Don't you think? Here is was I think.

That bridge looks like it was made out of ply wood from Canadian tire. That bridge is so ugly it is going to cause world war 5. Ya that's right. World war 5. Ya, it's so intense it skips right over the other two.

What is your opinion on this so called peace bridge?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The coast

Sorry I haunt been blogging for the past phew weeks. It's only because. I was on VACATION! So I went to Sidney BC to visit some family that live there. Here is what happened

12hour drive
Internet on the ferry
No crab for dinner
Elk lake
Beaver lake
Homemade sushi
More sushi
Thetis lake
The beach
Pendure island
Neighbour carol
Carols sister
Caroles sisters house
Her sons
More seals
No seals
More sleep
More crabbing
Crab for dinner!
Sleep talking
Horseback ridding!
Cleaning horse poopy
Hugs for cousin
Bead bouncing
Brother annoying
Camp preparing
More hugs
Dogs in the car
On the ferry

Now if anyone actually can figure out what that was I will be astounded

Remember, always smile :D

Location:Sidney BC

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The calgarian summer

Ah the Canadian summer. How I salute you and your rainy clouds and on occasion snow!

Now after that poetic verse I'll talk about what i really wanna talk about. We have all heard that cliche that canadians live in an igloo and it snows, all the time. Part of that cliché is correct. On occasion it will snow and rain heavily in the spring and summer! Which is was happening right now. Why can't we just have normal weather? I mean do think Canada just decided to be in the northern hemisphere? I well maybe it did. Besides that fact that it is a country and cannot move.

Would you enjoy having hail the size of golf balls falling from the sky. Let me tell you a story...

See it was yesterday, yesterday being the operative word if you read this is could very well be Friday or whatever, anyway, it was a monday (oh joy) and I was volunteering at the pleasant hights after school program as usual. And they were gonna go to the pool. But it was starting to get rainy. We went anyway. So we got to the pool got on the deck and I said " no way I'm getting in that water." after much convincing my friend got me to come and it was freezing the next thing I know, the life guard I'd yelling get out of the pool, thunderstorm! Do I get out rush back to the center wet while the wind and black clouds swirled and I froze my tiny canadian butt off!

And that, was my Canadian summer.

This is a picture from when the river overflowed in the park. See this is why rain is scary! Come on people!

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