Friday, November 26, 2010

What defines a fail? You hear it all the time. It's like: Lol that was fail dude!" it's all around us!


Is a fail something stupid you do? Is it flunking? I guess that's what it generally was. Okay you get bellow 50% average in a class you fail. So when two people are having a conversation...

"Okay so what did you do this weekend?"
" I Danced around the room to burlesque with a boa and a random skirt"
"Wow fail..."

Okay so does this mean I got 50% percent in my dancing with a boa burlesquing? How does that work?! I don't get it

So world, your personal shipment of fail has been delivered


  1. Great post Tiny! The 'fail' phenomenon is recent. I think it means a mistake or when something goes wrong. I like your take on it.

  2. These pics are all made of AWESOME. Fail is all about doing something and messing it up big time, or making a choice/decision that totally backfires. ;)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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