Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have been preparing for this post for some time now. It could be the greatest post I ever done. EVER! And now presenting...


Think about it. Advertisement is everywhere. It's on the TV, it's on the radio it's even in your computer! They are supposed to make you want to buy whatever the crap their selling. But why are they so freaking annoying?

Personally i think advertising is ridiculous. TV commercials look so stupid they make no sense. I am constantly saying, oh my god what the ****? Comercials are virtually loved and hated around the world!

My favorite commercials are the old spice one, the one for bell and anything with animals. My least favorites consist of McDonald and other fast food chains. They make the food look so perfect but do you know what it is actually made of? Well I'll tell you...

Ever seen a dairy queen commercial where there is a big tall blizzard and it looks so perfect and you can just see how cold it is and sometimes it's dripping and it look delicious? WRONG! That beautiful ice cream is actually scoops of mash potatoes or lard covered in diesel to give it that shiny appearance. Nasty right?

A big heaping bull of steaming hot pasta topped with rich red sauces, is actually dry pasta sitting a top of mashed potatoes. The sauce is cold and the steams is done in editing

A big juicy thick cut hamburger with a big ol' sesame seed bun with crisp lettuce and tomatoes, is actually a raw hamburger that they have blow torched to give it that "grilled" look and then bushes with diesel. The tomato is plastique, as is the lettuce. The bum is made of gum paste. The rest is all lighting and editing.

A nice big bowl a corn flakes, the milk pours in slowly and boom! The flakes explode. To make the milk pour they take would glue and mix it with white coloring agent. The flakes are actually potato chips that have been painted and coated with fake sugar.

Who's delicious now?

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  1. Good one Tiny! Thanks for busting the veneer of the advertising industry!

  2. I did a food photography shoot for a cookbook I was editing and was stunned about all of the tricks used to make food look good! Great post :-)


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